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Another hot day in San Jose.
Too hot to think, to hot to play.
I really should attempt to wind
a reed or two. But never mind.

There. Poetry of sorts. Or not. I really need to go back to my feeble sonnet attempts. I know I’d never be good enough to be published, but I did enjoy the work.

I went through all of my poetry books yesterday. I had forgotten how many I had, how many I need to read again, and it was nice to see they don’t lose their value as much as fiction does. Not that I’ll part with any books; I get rather attached to them.

Referer Check: Someone landed here because of a search on oboe + player + salary. My answer? For now: ZILCH.


I did play at church today, and it felt so good to make some music for real live ears. Yes, I play at home just “for fun” (or practice), but it’s kind of nice to have someone listening. I guess it makes it more purposeful, and certainly, when playing at church, it becomes more meaningful.

So how have I been wasting my not-so-precious time? With the lack of work I’m watching a lot of Giants games. Unfortunately they aren’t always obliging with happy wins. What’s with that, I ask you?

Next week I believe I’ll begin the Destruction of Kelsey’s Room™. It’s time. Or past time. It’s just difficult to get up the energy to hop to it. I have wallpaper to remove, and lots of painting. I’ve never painted a ceiling before and I’m really hoping for some help (Ohhhh Daaaan!). The carpet desperately needs replacing, so I’m hoping to find some great deal. It’s a small space, so surely I can afford something … yes? And bookshelves. I need bookshelves. For lots of books, CDs and music.

If I had limitless funds I’d put in double doors … maybe pocket style … so that students could easily see into the room when they arrive for lessons. Alas, that can’t happen. So I’ll have to locate myself in a place in the room where students can manage to spot me, and I them, as they approach our front door. (My practice has been “If you see me come right on in” and I’d like to continue that. I don’t like to disrupt one lesson to open the door for the next student, and I warm up before the first student so I prefer they just come in to the room.)

Oboe: A form of music?
I ran across this paragraph at a site advertising music for events:

Oboe Music is one of the most popular forms of live music for Events. An Oboe has a special sound all unto it’s own that creates a feeling no other instrument can. A talented Oboe Player can take any style of music and give it a special twist to suit their own instrument. Keep the Champagne and Caviar flowing the night is just getting started!

So … we are a popular form of live music, eh? 🙂

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