I really should have thought to take a “before” picture of what will be my studio. But of course I didn’t. And it’s too late now! (When I know I have to do something with a room I usually do something to it that will force me to get to it. In this case it was ripping off the wallpaper border. I’ve also hauled out a ton of furniture and it’s sitting in the hallway which is quite inconvenient. (Yes, I do this all myself … call me muscles! I’ve been thinking, in fact, of dropping my exercise club membership since this sort of work really does qualify as exercise and I’m realizing I can’t continue to pay for the membership anyway.)

So you may get an “after” picture here, but that’s it. Oh well. There are still a few things in the room which don’t allow me to begin the work; Dan has a desk in the room that needs moving and I think it’s too heavy for yours truly. It’s also a nice piece of furniture (we don’t have much of that sort!) and I don’t want to damage it. And the ceiling light has to be changed because … well, this is going to sound very weird … it smells incredibly horrible after being on for about 10 minutes. I can’t work in the room without good light, so I need something up there. One thing I don’t (and won’t) do is any kind of work with electricity. I’m a wimp that way.

I’m also realizing that one thing leads to another. (Duh.) From the soon-to-be studio window I look out on ivy that is growing up the side of the house (I hate ivy!) and it’s nearly reached the window. Can’t have that! So perhaps this weekend (should it not be as hot) I’ll be working there too. (Another great way to get exercise, right?)

Today is my biggest teaching day, so it’s off to exercise (while I still have the membership I’d better use it!) and then it’s oboe time.

And about today’s MQOD: I’ve never heard Brahms’ Violin Concerto in an elevator. Have you?

28. June 2006 · Comments Off on MQOD · Categories: imported, Quotes

I can’t stand being in Chicago anymore and hearing the Brahms Violin Concerto in the elevator. Because that shows me that when they come to the concert hall they listen to it in the same way.

-Daniel Barenboim