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But first the news: No Carpet For Now
That’s right. If I’m going to put in carpet I’m going to get quality, and what I’ve found that will work well runs close to $800. Ouch. I’m not going there for now. Surely no one will mind the somewhat stained carpet … right? After all, we’ll be dumping reed shavings on the floor all the time.

But I found a nice valance for the window … well, two of them, due to the width of the window. Yay!

So here’s the window-wall and the cove where the piano will go:


To me the curtains look funny in this picture … sort of striped but not quite. They are actually more like checked, as you can see below:


Since I’m on a roll, here are two final pictures. The first includes a bit of the cove, the closet, and door to the hallway. Normally the door will be wide open, so students can see me through a large window in the hallway as they walk to the door. (Of course they’ll hear me or a student no matter what!) The second is the other corner of the room, again with the door to the hallway. I realize this is more than many of you care to see, but my family looks at this site, and Kelsey is enjoying watching me alter her room so drastically! Someday I’ll have to show you pictures of how she had it decorated for a few years … right, Kelsey?! 😉



The last picture sure makes the stripes look a little drugged out. Trust me—they are just stripes. Nothing more.

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