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I wasn’t referring to Mr. Reel when I wrote my cautionary message yesterday.

And I do want to say that there are times when one simply has to write the truth! I just suggest that we all think for, say, 24 hours, before posting anything that may come back to haunt us.

I have this saying: “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?” Rule number one is that no matter what I post, it must be true. That’s one absolute requirement. Then it needs to fit at least one of the other two requirements; it must be either kind or it must be necessary. True and necessary? Piece of cake—I’ll post those. Now sometimes something is true and necessary and not terribly kind. I may or may not post that. Some things just need to be said (or written) if I’m to live with myself. Sometimes something is kind and true. Those are easy to post. But many of the things that would be true are simply not necessary. Those are usually things that I really, really want to write because I’m angry and I want a bit of revenge, or I’m terribly frustrated and I want to vent. Those are the things I’d best stay away from, don’tcha think?

Any yeah, I know this all sounds very goody-two-shoes. And no, I’m definitely not a goody-two-shoes sort. Ask my friends or family and they’ll fill you in on what a jerk I can be. I do and say a lot of stupid things. I write things here that would be better left unsaid. More often, though, I think terribly mean things, and I often want revenge (nothing violent, mind you!). I don’t know if I’m worse than the next guy (I often feel that way, but my personality is such that I often don a hairshirt, if you know what I mean).

Okay. Nuff said. Over and out. (For now. You know me … “I’ll be back.”)

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