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Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.

-Andre Gide

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I can’t quite get over having this room for teaching! Sarah had asked if my students are practicing more. Hmmm. I can’t, of course, really say for sure … but I can certainly say they are sounding pretty darn good! I can also say that it’s much less stressful to have no family members going back and forth while I’m trying to pay attention to teaching. In addition, we don’t have an interfering answering machine right around the corner … it used to click on and we’d have to try to play while someone was leaving a message. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I could have turned the sound down somehow … I just never figured out how to do it. I’m slow.) While I do have a phone in here, I have it set to no ring, so I ignore it when I’m teaching. (If it’s an emergency I assume I’ll get a call on my cell; I will answer that.)

And I think I’m a better teacher in this new room. It’s sort of like getting a new reed, I guess—whether anyone else notices (often they don’t) I just feel better about it!

Meanwhile … well … um … GO GIANTS!!

Something about music and baseball—I just feel there’s some sort of similarity I connect to. Could it be the salary? I’m guessing so. 😉

Anyone else have any ideas? Do share!

… better than nothing? I’m not sure!

CloseUp: Out of focus ... better than nothing?

Sarah (from A Glass of Chianti) had asked about what the words were on the picture. I think this is readable, even though it’s a rotten picture! (I’m just proving that I can’t take a good picture.)

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Out of focus … better than nothing?

These aren’t as good as Dan’s, but he took some pictures before I put up pictures and finished arranging the bookcase. So anyway, the following are pictures of the room as it is now.



The cross stitch picture is one I did years ago; I can no longer do this craft because of hand woes. I had wanted to hang this somewhere, but it’s definitely a “me” picture and not one that represents the whole family … so now I can finally hang it and enjoy it!



Ugh. Not very focussed … sorry. I’m definitely not the photographer in the family!

So there you have it! My very own space, for my very own students. Cool, eh?

I still have a rocker that is supposed to fit in this room; I’m not absolutely certain it will, nor do I know if I’ll want it in there. I have a feeling it will feel awfully cramped. But time will tell. If I had been wiser, I would have waited to finish the room before having the chair reupholstered. Ah well. I work on wisdom, but I have a long journey ahead before I reach anything near it! 🙂

It’s heating up again—I had thought that it would be cooler today, but things aren’t looking promising. I’m happy to report that the studio doesn’t get as warm as the living room, where I used to teach. So isn’t that nice?

Yes. Yes it is very nice.

(I like to answer my own questions. I’m funny that way, aren’t I? Yes. Yes, I am.)

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