25. July 2006 · Comments Off on Not All Classical Musicians Are Smart · Categories: imported, Ramble

A lot of people have the idea that classical musicians are smart. Some think we are intellectual giants. (Well, until you read this blog, eh?!) I don’t like destroying our grand image, but I have to tell you it simply isn’t true.

Now some of my classical pals are brilliant. Many, in fact. But I recall carpooling years ago (no one I work with now, and I can’t even remember the person’s name, so don’t go guessing!), and I have to tell you the violinist in the car was about as bright as a doorknob. And I was shocked because … you know what?! … I thought classical musicians had to be smart. (That was before I was smart enough to realize I’m not that smart! 😉

Shoot. We look pretty smart, don’t we? (Please, oh please say yes!)

Even the young’uns aren’t so bright. Robbing a bank? Sigh. I read James Reel’s recent blog entry and just cracked up.

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