I’ve enjoyed my encounters with the Imani Winds (I own two CDs). Upon reading this article I laughed at this part:

Scott also has the distinction of being the only guy in the group. How does he handle that?

“Chocolate — and plenty of it,” quips the musician, who distributes candy to his female colleagues on tour. “The trick is, you’ve got to ration it. If you give it all to them in the first two days, where are you going to be at the end of the week?”

Ah yes. Chocolate! The man knows what he’s talkin’ about.


  1. Heeehee, Scott is such a nice guy and really funny.  Thank God Toyin in back in town.  I need help!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m so envious of this group; I would love to be in a small chamber ensemble. Unfortunately most of my friends are simply not interested. Sigh.