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A former oboist turned computer guy turned apprentice at a mental hospital turned goat farm worker has a book out. About a former musician turned computer guy turned apprentice at a goat farm and organic gardening center, and aide at a mental hospital. Hmmm. From oboist to a mental hospital? Okay … I won’t write what I want to write. I’m holding back. I really am.

In any case, being as the author did the same things his character does, I suspect he knew what he was writing about. And I think I might want to read this book.

The author’s name is Terry Row (anyone know of him?) and it sounds as if he played quite a bit in a number of places before going the computer route. And then he worked in both San Francisco and San Jose (as well as other locations). The title of the book is Summer Capricorn. And I want it.

Article here.

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