25. August 2006 · Comments Off on Broadbent as Turpin? · Categories: imported, Ramble

This article suggests that Jim Broadbent may be in the Tim Burton Sweeney Todd movie, and that he might be Judge Turpin. Of course it also says Johnny Depp will be Sweeney. So who knows?

But when they explain the musical and say this:

Although MSN doesn’t mention a particular role, Broadbent would presumably be cast as Judge Turpin in the film version of Sweeney, which spins the macabre tale of a revenge-obsessed demon barber and his assistant, who turns his victims into the worst pies in London.

… I wonder if they know what they are even talking about! The “worst pies in London” (“Only lard and nothing more”) were made prior to the man-filled meat pies (talk about a manwich!).

So who knows?

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