Reviews that include things like this:

“The second movement was so ethereal as the spaceship floated further into the deep heavens. The flute, oboe and horn blended perfectly with a rather “weightless” sensation of no gravity as the ship went from galaxy to galaxy.”

… crack me up. Horribly. Actually the whole review was pretty humorous. In many ways it reminded me of reviews I’ve read by students. But anyway, it’s a read. Of sorts. How odd to open a season with a pops concert of fluff. But maybe that’s what it takes these days …?

Pliable, of An Overgrown path has blogged about Music Ethos. It sounds as if they wrote to him (her? … do we know the gender of this blogger? Hmmm.) to encourage giving this music download service a try. His blog begins, “Dear classical music blogger, critic and connoisseur, …”. They didn’t write to me. I wanna be a connoisseur. Should I be hurt? Offended? Hostile toward them? Well, maybe not for the fact that they didn’t email me … but there are no oboe groups listed! Sigh.

Over at Fundamentally Sound there are a couple of very special lines from this particular blog entry that I simply have to share (especially since I’m from California and I have sons who wear “interesting” t-shirts—both have enjoyed the “30 and still frisky” t-shirt Brandon found at a second hand store and of course my boys aren’t quite near 30 yet):

One of them made the comment that my t-shirt was reason enough to stop me. Talk about fashion police!

“Now California is a liberal state isn’t it. Out there, you can fudge things and people will look the other way. Here, we’re not a liberal state, we say exactly what we mean.”

Ahhh yes. I never say exactly what I mean. You gotta be creative and clever to figure out what I really mean, you know? Because I’m from California. And I wear odd t-shirts now and then.


(Oooh … yuck! Ugly hair … I have a new do … really! I asked the hairdresser for a new face as well, but all she offered was to make up this old one. That simply won’t do.)

As to the “stuffy” part of my subject header here … I have a cold. Sigh. Opening night is Saturday. And I get a cold. Wouldn’t ya know? Ah well. I can still play the oboe. I’ll just sniff a lot. And make everyone feel sorry for me.

Or maybe just feel sorry that they are stuck in an orchestra pit with me.


  1. I. love. that. shirt.


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Heh. I do too! But now there’s a band by that name. I guess that means I can’t sell ones like mine. Oh well!

    But I hope folks get the irony when I wear it. Or that at least my colleagues and students get it. 🙂

  3. Nice shirt! I can’t believe this review is for real. I mean, I love star wars and John Williams is great, but really… how far can we go with this!?!?!?