I thought the opera went very well. Of course I’m in the pit, and can’t hear the singers tremendously well. So what do I know?

Oh … I do know that I managed to make it through without coughing during a solo or sniffling much. I did miss a few bars as I had a small coughing spell, but it was during a very loud section so it’s not like anyone would miss me. More importantly, I had no water in the octave vent during my solos, which is something that has plagued me in the past.

The audience appeared happy at the end, but the applause seemed muted. I’m never sure if that’s just because I’m in the pit, or if I’m reading folks correctly. Who knows?!

Meanwhile, I came home to a smelly house. I’m fearful; the last time I encountered this smell we had a pipe that had corroded and water, along with anything going through the disposal, was leaking under the house. Sigh.

The fun of life never ends, right?

I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I won’t know unless the smell goes away, or someone goes under the house. And I don’t “do” under houses.


  1. Have you tried the Aqua Nix bowls? I used to have them on my last oboe and never had water problems. With this new horn I have been using, I’m having more problems (perhaps because of plastic top joint?) and am planning on having them installed when I return to the U.S. in January. Just worth a thought.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I haven’t even heard of this. Do tell.