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The average Narcissism Personality Inventory score of Americans &mdash as demonstrated in a previous study &mdash is 15.3 out of a possible 40. Celebrities averaged 17.8. Contrary to what occurs in the general population, women celebrities, across the board, were more narcissistic than males (19.26 versus 17.27). Musicians &mdash who have the highest skill level &mdash are the least narcissistic celebrity group, while reality television stars &mdash the least talented or skilled group &mdash are the most narcissistic.

Discovered here.

But then I took the Are You A Narcissist? test. And … sigh … I’m not a narcissist. But I think I might be dead. I scored 7 points. Double Sigh. I really did try to answer honestly. But I’m obviously doing something wrong. Or at least my insecurity is showing.

My Score:
7 points — Average American score: 15.3 out of 40.
All celebrities: 17.84
Musicians: 16.67
Actors: 18.54
Comedians: 18.89
Reality TV stars: 19.45

I do suspect that when they say “musicians” they are referring to those musicians who are famous. I doubt very much that they are including us little folk. But still … I don’t even qualify as an “average American”.


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All Things Considered has a segment on Liang Wang, the new principal oboist of New York Philharmonic.

**Be sure and click on the link and listen to the segment on reeds!

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I am writing better Stephen Sondheim songs than even Stephen Sondheim is writing.

-Pete Townshend (read here)

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Stravinksy’s Rite of Spring

Piano Version

Four Hands

Only One Player

You figure it out!

By going here at the well-tempered blog.

(But Say, can you make an oboe reed? 😉

The majestic glacier that is network television is very gradually melting. Many young viewers, particularly males in their 20?s, have been stolen away by such lures as the Internet, iPods, the Xbox and opera.

Opera?! Really? Why am I not seeing these guys leaning into the pit, staring at the oboe section? Huh? Where are they? What … am I too old to get any attention? They aren’t there for the … gasp! … singers. Are they?

I read this first on Joshua Kosman’s blog. He read it here, in the NY Times.

Mr. Kosman is right—it’s a bizarre article. (Well, he wrote “incomprehensible”. I guess I shouldn’t put (other) words in his mouth. Bad me. Bad me.)

But, well, I have to quote this from the same article:

The key demographic in the weekly Nielsen ratings report is 18-49. Anyone outside that range is undesirable. People over 49 do not buy interesting products.

So you wonder (you DO wonder, don’t you?), “Why is this an important, albeit slightly annoying, couple ‘o sentences?”

And I’ll tell you. With a drumroll, please.

Because it’s countdown time, folks! I have only two month and couple of days until I hit the big five-(uh-)oh.

So I’m going shopping. I’m going buy some interesting products. Before it’s too late.


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A very positive one, too. Read it here.