I need help.

Yes, I realize anyone who knows me already knows I need help. But I’m talking about a different kind of help right now.

I just downloaded Tchaik 2, and I want to burn a CD. I tried, and I get a message (in iTunes) saying it’s unable to do this due to a “medium write error”. This is the second time this has happened recently. I’ve not had this problem in the past. Anyone have a clue what I should do about this? I can play the darn music on my computer, but I want to listen to it in the car, and the car I often drive plays CDs but has no iPod connection.

Argh and double argh!


  1. Hi there. I just joined so I could quickly let you know that I use my car’s cassette tape player to play my MP3 player, along with the tape/CD auto converter. Do you know about that? IPods use the same sort of thing, I’m sure. So, I never take my CDs with me any longer — just plug in my MP3 to the cassette converter thing, and voila!

    Bible Study starts in just a few minutes, so I gotta go.

    Love you!


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Well hello there, sister! 🙂

    Unfortunately there is no casette player in the Honda! Can you believe it? 🙁

  3. Have you downloaded the most recent version of iTunes?

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Yep. Were you asking because it might be the solution, or because it might be the cause?


  5. Patricia,
    This is gonna get a little technical.

    In music, there are three major formats most of us are using nowadays: MP3, WAV, and the Mac format.

    When you go to a store, you usually, buy a WAV format CD. This is what a standard “CD player” is. However, almost all but not all CD players play burned CDs. Most do though, and that’s not going to be your problem.

    A problem you might face is that few CD players which read WAV also read MP3. Some of the newest ones do, but generally not. Moreover, Mac/Ipod stuff definetely does NOT read in a typical CD player. The only way to play a Mac-formatted piece is through an I-Pod.

    This said, I’ve heard of some programs on the internet which will reformat your Mac-formatted file, however I am not well acquainted with them. I do know of several programs which let you reformat Mp3s (which are about 1/10 the memory size of a WAV file, but slightly less quality).

    I hope this helps you understand what you’re looking at. I also know of some mechanisms you can get at radio shack that you can plug into an ipod or a tape player, and it plays at a certain radio channel, so you have to tune your radio to that specific channel. That might work for ya.

  6. Patricia Mitchell

    Actually, Cooper, I’ve burned a number of CDs on my old iBook and played them in our car and home CD players. That’s not the problem. The problem is that I get an error message when trying to burn the CDs. I’m probably going to go to the Apple store and see if they can help. My old iBook will still burn things, but the new one, with the newer version of iTunes, doesn’t. I suspect there’s a glitch in the new program somewhere.

    But thanks for the info.

  7. Patricia Mitchell

    It could be a CD problem. We’ll see.

    I’ve actually had great help from folks at the Apple store. They’ve been great … I just haven’t taken the time to go there yet. (Too lazy to drive if it’s not to a job.)

  8. Ah ha! So it’s a software problem, eh?

    I would strongly suggest going to apple support online and posting problem reports either in the itunes area (http://discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=149) or in the ibook section depending on which year and model of ibook (http://discussions.apple.com/index.jspa)

    Hope you can solve your problem.

    I find people at apple stores extremely unhelpful unless you pay out a tremendous amount of money.