Someone who sometimes comments at this site is quoted in this article. I know Susan has often sung the praises of eBay, and it sounds as if she’s had good experiences. All I’ve ever purchased there are reeds, none of which turned out to be something I liked. But then I can’t seem to find reeds I like anywhere! I woulnd’t consider purchasing an instrument there; I don’t have money with which to take chances.

I certainly think one has to be cautious with eBay. I also think that it’s best if people who buy instruments there have more funds than I ever do so that, should they take a loss, they won’t weep.

But hey, Susan’s purchased THREE oboes via eBay. Wow. She also purchased three clarinets. All in the last 18 months. I’m trying not to hold the clarinets against her. 😉


  1. Actually, there are some pretty respectable oboe dealers who sell on ebay since their traffic on their own sight isn’t very frequent. I recently saw a Loree plastic top joint go for $2200. That’s pretty awesome, I wish I had the extra cash to pick it up. I also saw a Laubin with a plastic top joint go for just over $3000 a while back ago. How bad can any Laubin with a plastic top joint be?

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m certainly not saying you can’t find great deals on eBay. If I had unlimited funds I might go for some of the things I’ve seen there. But I do hope buyers know they have to be cautious. There are scams everywhere. Even there.

    I have to admit I’ve never played a Laubin. No one I’ve played with has one. Ah well.

  3. Sorry, I typed laubin with plastic top joint. I meant plastic sleeve in the top joint, which essentially keeps it from cracking, or blowing out.