“…experts who have examined the music tell us that while it is tonal, it is quite sophisticated and to be numbered among his best works.”

If I’m reading this correctly, the writer is suggesting that music that is tonal is usually not sophisticated?

Just thinkin’.

And what is sophistication in music? I guess I’ll have to read up on this. (I’m rather unsophisticated. I do know that!)

According to this music helps Paul McCartney cope. Not surprising. It does for a lot of folks. I do wonder what his “classical” music is like. And what makes music “classical” these days? Adding an oboe? Adding Latin text? Say what? I need a definition of “classical music” and I’m sure readers will help me out here.

I’ve often pondered what makes opera opera and musical theatre musical theatre. I was telling my son I found The Light In The Piazza somewhat operatic. His (opera singing) voice teacher scoffed at that. He said, “Do they use microphones?” “Yes.” “Then it’s not opera.” I’m guessing John Adams might disagree. As might some well known opera companies (although they wouldn’t disagree publicly!).

Again … just thinkin’.

That always does get me into trouble!


  1. I think that’s the flip side of the style wars coin that says “It’s atonal but expressive”. I’ve waited for the right piece to come along about which  I can say “It’s tonal but expressive”, just to see the reaction.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Ah yes, I can see your point.

    Maybe we should substitute “and” for “but” and let it be. But of course someone who writes the “but” clause is actually just telling me what he or she thinks about the “before but” portion. If you know what I mean.