28. September 2006 · Comments Off on I Can Still Be Stuffy! · Categories: imported, Ramble

I download music. Lots of it, in fact. Much more than the 11 pieces of music, which is what those folks older than 50 download. I listen to music on my iPod (right now I have some Malcolm Arnold playing; I decided to become familiar with his symphonies, which I’ve never played). I burn CDs. I have playlists.

But, darn it all, I can still be stuffy if I want to be!

I read this:

Fans of classical music have shed their stuffy image and embraced technology, according to Gramophone magazine.

And, well, I say, in the most uppity sort of voice I can manage, “By golly, can’t stuffy and technology go hand in hand, my dears?”

Yes. Yes they can.

So I will still pretend to be better than everyone else. I will still suggest that “classical” (or shall I say “serious”?) music is so much more important than “popular” music. And I will hold my pinkie daintily away from the tea cup as I sip my spot ‘o tea.

Or not.

Sorry … I just thought it was funny that embracing technology implies we are unstuffed.

I hope folks who read this know by now when I’m winking.

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