01. October 2006 · Comments Off on Spotted On Craigslist · Categories: imported, Ramble

Someone was looking for a woman to accompany him to the Symphony concert last night. I wonder if “he found she” and they were there. I did sort of crack up at the requirements:

  • single female
  • fun and upbeat no drama
  • liberal; politically and socially aware
  • a little wacky and kinky with a good sense of humor in that open bent kind of way
  • no republicans please
  • Too bad about that “no drama” part; he might have found someone in the orchestra! (I’m not sure how many are single these days, though. In our earlier, San Jose Symphony (RIP) days, we were nearly an all-girl, mainly single sort of group.) Of course finding someone in the group means you don’t get to sit with her.

    Hmmm. How ’bout a concert where folks pay to sit next to us? They can see all that goes on.

    Probably a bad idea. But still ….

    Agenda for today: Church, then Symphony.

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