08. October 2006 · Comments Off on And That’s How It Goes · Categories: imported, Ramble

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be meeting with a colleague (and friend), and a player who would like us to read through the Beethoven trios (for two oboes and English horn). I was planning on doing some practicing today. Alas, a headache decided that that wasn’t to happen.

Of course musicians have their excuse bag, and double reed players are the best at this! I was sick and I’m out of shape now. My reeds are horrible. I think my oboe is out of adjustment. My chops feel off today. Those are just a few. I could go on and on, believe me!

Aw heck. Let’s see if I can manage to not make a single excuse tomorrow! I’ll let you know if I’m able to avoid them.

Excuses. Complaining. Both get mighty boring (as do so many blogs!), don’t you think? And yet musicians excel in these areas. Go figure.

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