I was just watching the Cardinals v Padres game. The Cardinals are now celebrating. They all ran out on to the field and are jumping up and down. The crowd is cheering. And the champagne is now flowing.

Wouldn’t it be great fun if, when we nail a solo, we could express at least some sort of delight or joy … or even relief? Man, I’d just love to be able to do that sometimes. Instead we sit in our seats and we don’t even get to throw a fist up in the air. We sit. We say nothing. We do nothing. Believe me, in my head I’m saying “Yes, yes, yes!” when I do a good job and I’m feeling good about it. But heaven forbid I show that. Right?

I think we should have a “baseball concert” … and I know I’ve mentioned this in the past. Just think, we could celebrate good solos. We could be thrown out if we blow it, and a replacement could be sent in. We might even argue with the conductor, if we decide he’s the acting ump. Hi Fives? You bet. We could leave out the spitting, and we don’t chew gum on stage. (Well, most of us don’t!) So waddya think? Wouldn’t that be a kick?

We’d even start the show with the Star Spangled Banner and let someone yell out “Play Ball!”

Okay. I can dream, can’t I?


  1. So if you have a baseball concert are you going to play the part of Barry?

  2. An oboist who loves baseball?  Linking my second favorite intstrument (I’m a trumpet hack) with my favorite  sport-are you married?

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    Hah! Yes indeed, an oboist who loves baseball for sure.

    But also one who’s been married … well … for “only” 30+ years! 😉

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Hmmm. Not sure I should be Barry. Maybe not these days. I’m not exactly sure which part I’d wanna play. I’ll have to think on it.