“Clay Aiken once played an oboe.”

Yes. I just read that here.

(For those of you who don’t know, Aiken was on American Idol at some point.)

Hmmm. So what does this mean?

You tell me.


  1. Patricia Mitchell

    Are you talking about his “classical” CD, or his newest “pop” one? (I’ve not heard either, although I’ve heard a few tracks from the pop one, which I did enjoy.)

    … and I’ve never listened to Clay Aiken’s vocals, perhaps because I don’t listen to “those” stations on the radio …? (Thank God for CDs and iPods!) My son, however, sang backup for him when he was doing his little tour last year. They brought in some high school kids for that, “paying” them in happy meals. Happy Meals?! For teens? Not enough payment, if you ask me! 😉 (And no, I did NOT attend the performance!)

  2. What an odd last comment!

  3. Paul McCartney started on trumpet, and actually plays fluegelhorn on a few tracks of his latest (quite excellent, BTW) CD.

    Clay Aiken playing oboe isn’t exactly equivalent, but it made me think of McCartney.


    The thought must be considered that if Aiken could’ve found a good source for reeds, we might’ve been spared listening to his vocals.