13. October 2006 · Comments Off on Music & Baseball (Again) · Categories: imported, Ramble

Okay, I think musicians and baseball players have a lot in commong. (Nothing to do with salaries, mind you!)

But today?


You wouldn’t catch an orchestra playing in 38 degree weather. With lots o’ wind. Just wouldn’t happen! And I’m fairly sure that’s what they said was the happening temp in Detroit.


So a game is about to begin, A’s v. Tigers (who’da thunk it?) and the Mets play the Cardinals later today.

I’m sure you’re all dying to hear who I’m hoping will be in the World Series. I can tell you I wanna see the Mets there. I should probably be cheering for the A’s … but there’s something about being the world’s worst team just a few years ago that makes me want to see Detroit win.

Still, I’m not stuck on any team all that much. The season ended early on, when I saw that the Giants looked to be in bad shape. Sigh.

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