Well, let’s just make sure younger folks learn to hate classical music, opera and church music. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Or not.

17. October 2006 · Comments Off on MQOD · Categories: imported, Quotes

As often as I talk tough about not caring what the critics (official and otherwise) say about our season, I have to admit that by the end of every summer I’m exhausted by the whole subject. Truth is, when the press is good, we all have to use it as one of the public faces of our organizations. Who of us is above sprinkling annual reports and brochures with quotes from favorable reviews? (The same goes for individual performers – press packers, websites, bios…) And if all our press turned bad, we’d be in serious trouble with all our stakeholders. So we persist in caring. Or at least paying attention. Yet it’s essential not to truly believe any of it, good or bad. Face it. Any of us worth our salt knows when something works and when it doesn’t.

-Kim Pensinger Witman (Director, Wolf Trap Opera & Classical Programming)

This is from this blog entry. I love reading this blog. And I certainly enjoyed the above quote. (I’m not sure I’m worth my salt, though!)