… are just bad days for practice. Nothing is feeling right. Hmmm. Ever had those?


I think I’ll take a break, and see if coming back to it later. Perhaps my reeds and my brain will behave better later in the day.


  1. It’s days like these when you need to:
    1. Sit down and have a nice warm cup of coffee (or mint tea if you feel decaf)
    2. Eat a piece of chocolate (or a nice warm cookie)
    3. Brush your teeth
    4. Take out one of your good reeds you’ve been saving for a concert and just practice on it. Go ahead… you deserve it. ^^

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Hah, Cooper! Now that assumes I have “good reeds” I’ve “been saving for a concert”!

    If you knew me better … well … ah, never mind! I don’t want to make me look even worse than I already do! 😉

    I like that chocolate suggestion, though!

  3. I’m with you on that one. What is this “concert reed” I hear so much about? Where can I get one? 😉

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    I just searched my house for my concert reed. I guess someone must have stolen it. 😉