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Last week I blogged (whined?) about a bad practice session. I’m happy to report that today is a much better day. Happier reeds=happier me. And yes, I played in between last Wednesday and today, but I hadn’t given an update earlier and this is about now and not about then and certainly not about later.

Got it?


Speaking of later … here’s how my brain works prior to concerts or rehearsals:

  • If I have a bad practice session the Naughty Inner Voice™ says, “You are so messed up and you are going to blow it big time tonight!”
  • If I have a good practice session the Naughty Inner Voice™ shouts, “Hah! You used it up! There you go again … tonight will just be rotten. Your reed was at its best and now it’s going to go downhill. Silly person!”
  • If I don’t practice at all the Naughty Inner Voice™ snickers, “Chicken, eh? Well now you’re done for. You won’t even have a clue how to play tonight.”

    And my husband seems to think one can’t win when complimenting me. Where in the world does he get that idea? (Try me out; send me a compliment and I’ll tell you what the Naughty Inner Voice™ says. Tee hee.)

    Yes … I fight the Naughty Inner Voice™ with a vengeance.

    There is also the Confident Inner Voice™ and sometimes that one is just a bit arrogant which really drives me nuts. Go figure!

    This bit of Insanity Ramble was brought to you by yours truly who is now going to step away from the computer for everyone’s sake. 🙂

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