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Last week I blogged (whined?) about a bad practice session. I’m happy to report that today is a much better day. Happier reeds=happier me. And yes, I played in between last Wednesday and today, but I hadn’t given an update earlier and this is about now and not about then and certainly not about later.

Got it?


Speaking of later … here’s how my brain works prior to concerts or rehearsals:

  • If I have a bad practice session the Naughty Inner Voice™ says, “You are so messed up and you are going to blow it big time tonight!”
  • If I have a good practice session the Naughty Inner Voice™ shouts, “Hah! You used it up! There you go again … tonight will just be rotten. Your reed was at its best and now it’s going to go downhill. Silly person!”
  • If I don’t practice at all the Naughty Inner Voice™ snickers, “Chicken, eh? Well now you’re done for. You won’t even have a clue how to play tonight.”

    And my husband seems to think one can’t win when complimenting me. Where in the world does he get that idea? (Try me out; send me a compliment and I’ll tell you what the Naughty Inner Voice™ says. Tee hee.)

    Yes … I fight the Naughty Inner Voice™ with a vengeance.

    There is also the Confident Inner Voice™ and sometimes that one is just a bit arrogant which really drives me nuts. Go figure!

    This bit of Insanity Ramble was brought to you by yours truly who is now going to step away from the computer for everyone’s sake. 🙂

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    I could imagine this one, actually.

    I do wonder, though, if they’d ever get the rights … and if Sondheim would do it. I thought I read somewhere that he said he wasn’t going to be composing any longer. Hmmm. Maybe I read wrong. I’d like to be wrong. About that at least.

    Thanks to ACB I was fortunate enough to read this article. 🙂

    It ends with this:

    My hope is to combine my two joys: to watch Ravens on television with the sound turned down while listening to a live opera broadcast on radio. I am looking forward to the first Saturday in January. That is when I Puritani is scheduled to be broadcast from the Met, and when the first round of the NFL playoffs are on TV.

    Love it!

    … and now I’m off to find reeds for both oboe and EH. Lots of playing this week, and it all begins this evening.

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    Read on a review:

    …even the orchestra applauded before the soloist returned for a brief and flashy encore …

    So tell me, when do orchestras not applaud a soloist? It’s what we do. It’s polite. It’s correct. And if we didn’t we’d look pretty darn bad, don’t you think?

    Not to say most soloists shouldn’t get our applause. (Shoot, I’d applaud just for their guts to get up there and do what they do! I love the safety of being surrounded by my colleagues.) But there have been times (in the distant past so don’t go a-guessing) where I wasn’t exactly enthralled by a soloist. I still applauded.

    So was I wrong to do so? Is it like lying? Or is it common courtesy to applaud no matter what?


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    I have to race otu the door, and I plan on replying to emails and site comments asap, but while you are dying for my responses, here’s a bit ‘o spam nonsense for you to enjoy. Really.:

    Most people believe that a food stamp figures out a cowboy, but they need to remember how hesitantly an inexorably surly skyscraper gets stinking drunk. When the bullfrog reads a magazine, a salad dressing around a mastadon procrastinates. A briar patch is phony. An ocean, a vacuum cleaner over a corporation, and a blood clot of the buzzard are what made America great! When a parking lot goes to sleep, the power drill laughs out loud. Another mitochondrial particle accelerator


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    I’m not a real national anthemn fan. I prefer America the Beautiful myself. The latter is a prettier song, and more singable. I also like the words better. Tonight’s baseball game once again reminded me of how awful The Star Spangled Banner can be sung. I’m refraining from writing bloody awful because I’m not British and it seems as if I’m attempting to be who I am not when I type that.

    Oh. Wait. I just typed “bloody awful” didn’t I? Now I’ve typed it twice! Shame on me. That’s just bloody awful of me.

    Ah well. At least I admit when I’m bloody awful.

    I also noticed the announcer requested that all men remove their caps before the song was sung. Does that mean that when my children instructed me to remove my Giants cap this summer they were wrong?

    I’m cheering for Detroit, although I’m not going to weep buckets if they lose, and I do have a fondness for the Cardinal’s coach, Tony LaRussa; on a news segment years ago I saw him doing a bit ‘o ballet. They were advertising for the Oakland Nutcracker (I think) and I admired him for allowing them to put him on the tube.

    Okay … here we go … strike 1!

    Among the music she’s selected are two Renaissance dances by the what must be every oboists’ favorite composer, given the number of pieces he wrote for the instrument, Tielmann Susato.

    Okay. I know I am not familiar with every single composer in the world. I realize I’m not as well educated or as well read as many of my colleagues. But … Tielman Susato?!

    First of all, I will admit quite readily that I had never heard of the composer before. I have this belief that admitting that I don’t know something is just fine. Call me silly. But then to read a short article that suggests that he must be “every oboists’ favorite composer” is, to this oboist, rather baffling.

    Comments? Anyone?

    I’ve now done my studying and will, from here on out, know the name Tielman Susato. But it is highly unlikely that he will ever become my favorite composer.

    Piko suggests that the writer may have been thinking Telemann. That came to my mind as well … but it’s the first name of this favorite composer’s name, so if the writer really w as thinking that, he or she sure is clueless.

    Oh … and reading the little blurb again I realized I hadn’t read to the very end where it’s written:

    The concert is free, Laib said, “and worth every penny.”

    Oh my! Isn’t suggesting the concert is worth nothing? Hmmm!

    What other composer do you think of when you think of Paul McCartney. C’mon. You gotta think of Paul now and then.

    Don’t you?

    Me? Paul McC often makes me think of Johann Sebastian Bach. Doesn’t that happen with you as well?

    According to this, music expert Bill Gates thinks of Bach as well.

    How about that?

    Or maybe Bill is thinking of some other Bach? We don’t get the actual quote in the article. Hmmm. Maybe it’s actually the guy who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

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    It was never my goal to achieve fame for fame itself. There’s tremendous fulfillment and pleasure by knowing and feeling that at least from time to time I give others pleasure. It’s not a one-way street, and it’s not at all a selfish act, playing music. At its best it’s a selfless act. And when those moments occur, it’s an indescribable feeling.

    -Gary Hoffman

    (Mr. Hoffman will be soloing with Symphony Silicon Valley next Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, playing Shostakovich’s first cello concerto. The quote above is from this article by Richard Scheinin.)

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    I continue to work on my Double Reed Musician pages. (It’s a great way to justify watching the World Series; I’m working while watching and I don’t feel quite as guilty!) I’m currently putting up orchestras from both Europe and Asia. I simply can’t see where a clear dividing line is between these continents, so I’ve chosen to do a Eurasian page.

    Reading some languages is a challenge. Reading some languages is an impossibility! So if any readers want to fill me in on things, I’ll happily accept your help. Here’s what I need:

  • Orchestra name & URL
  • English site URL if it’s available
  • Names and positions of double reed players
  • I can’t always get the spellings quite right; some characters don’t seem to be available on my computer. Or at least I’ve not found them yet. (TextWrangler lets me know if I have cut and pasted something that won’t work on the site.) If you think you know how to correct my problems I don’d mind hearing about it. (Well, spelling problems, that is. Forget all of my other problems if you are able, please. 😉

    In any case, check out the page as it is now; I’ve got quite a number of orchestras and players listed.

    There are a lot of double reeders in the world! I wonder if they all stress over reeds …?