02. November 2006 · Comments Off on Home. Safely. · Categories: imported, Ramble

So many people in this area don’t know how to drive in wet weather. At least one such person was on the road on my way home from UCSC. The person’s truck was demolished. I do hope that no one was injured … but I sure with everyone just drove better so all the problems that go along with this sort of accident would be avoided.

Meanwhile, the drive has exhausted me! It’s amazing how tiring a little drive over a little mountain can be.

I’d better eat my lunch and then take a mini-rest. I have another close-to-three-hour show tonight. And I don’t want to get in any accidents while I play. Those are the kind of wrecks that really annoy me; it’s so easy for me to make silly mistakes when I am weary. So I will be well rested. I will play in alert mode. I will, I will, I will. 😎

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