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… but no brain cells are functioning. So they will have to wait! Right now I need a good rest, I do believe.

Tomorrow it’s a full day: UCSC, opera rehearsal, followed King and I. So who knows if I’ll actually get to blogging or not.

But just this one thing
One of the sad things about this career is that I sometimes miss something a child of mine is doing. Jameson had opening night of Bye Bye Birdie tonight. It continues through this Saturday, and then will start up again next Wednesday and run through Friday. I can’t go until next week. (Which is better than saying, “I can’t go at all” … right?) I wish I could have been there tonight.

There were times I missed concerts that Brandon or Kelsey were involved in. I missed Brandon’s Mock Trial experience completely, and missed some of Kelsey’s. Sometimes I feel like a negligent mom. Sigh.

And this one thing too
I am rather amazed, but Daniel Levitin emailed me regarding my blog entry about his book, This Is Your Brain on Music. (Why is it that I now have “If I Only Had A Brain” running through my head? Geesh.) And he said I’m right! Me! Now this is truly astounding. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime rightness. So I’m going to bask in it for at least fifteen minutes. (I’m hopeful that I’ll be asleep after that so no basking will occur.)

But Mr. Levitin wrote to say that yes, “oboes (or any other instrument) have lots of different timbres.” I’d post more of what he wrote, but I feel as if I should get permission to do that.

How ’bout that, though? I’m not so dummm as I thot. 😉

… or am I?

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