18. November 2006 · Comments Off on Just a’Ponderin’ · Categories: imported, Ramble

There has often been talk about how trying to poppify™ the symphony orchestra and the music we play is goofy or stupid or even insulting. Trying to get symphonies to blend with jazz … frowned upon. Trying to play stuff that is rock-ish. Foolish. Going “hip”? Forget it. (Shoot, I’ve even been told that by using the word “hip” I’ve given away the fact that I am so uncool. Hmmm. I’m betting uncool is also unhip.)

But I was just thinking … reading about Concerto de Aranjuez being played by Miles Davis and all that … it can go one direction and not the other?

I’m not sure what I think. I’m not saying I would LIKE to try the “Let’s try to play music that will get ’em rockin'” or anything. And I do hate symphonic music being turned into muzak, to be sure. I also can’t stand hearing some pop singers playing a portion of a “classical” work or incorporating it into their songs in mostly schlocky ways. But sometimes it works for folks to steal (borrow? rent?) our music. It just doesn’t seem to work the other way ’round; we look goofy for trying to take on some of theirs. Or at least it seems to me to be the case.

So I’m just thinkin’ ….

And fill me in … what other symphonic works are used in pop or jazz … or whatever … music? (No Manilow information needed, though. Those ones I know.)

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