Not entirely positive.

Not exactly great.

He liked it.

… and then there’s the review of San Francisco’s Barber of Seville. It appears Barber is a toughie to do. Pacing and all that jazz …..


  1. I still prefer the Bugs Bunny version.

    I bet some of these critics would’ve panned that too.


  2. Oy, that Fremont review!  I’m glad he liked it.  But:

     – “Area” instead of “aria”?  (OK, maybe that was an editor’s mistake.)

     – Ariela Morgenstern, not Andrea.

     – Set design by Matthew Antaky, not Michael.

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    I guess I just showed how carefully I read, eh? Didn’t even notice those things! Oops. (I’m not sure I would have noticed the wrong names, though, as I know barely anyone on stage any more. I hate feeling so darn disconnected from the singers!)

    Still, I guess we can be glad that he liked the opera. And he sort of got some things close to right …? (Someone recently gave me a great review. For my English horn playing. On a work that had no English horn. Sigh.)