… please?!

I subscribe to emusic.com, and at the moment I just don’t know what to download. Is that silly or what? There are tons of recordings I can choose from. I’m just running on empty right now. So all you folks with free time (hah!), why don’t you check out emusic.com and tell me if there’s anything there you’d really love. Maybe you’ll introduce me to someone or something I’d love. I’m open to nearly any genre.

Enlighten me! 🙂

I’ve received some mighty fine recordings via my subscription to emusic.com. If anyone out there wants to join the group, and feels like giving me some free downloads, I’d be happy to email you an emusic.com invitation. But even if you don’t want to do that, subscribing is pretty darn easy, and I’ve found it very handy. I’ve downloaded a lot of recordings I’ve needed for study purposes.

Speaking of little perks of this site, I want to thank someone out there (or is it “someones”?) who purchased music via this site, clicking on the Sheet Music Plus link. I actually received a small dividend because someone ordered music via my site. How kind of a reader. Thanks much!

I’d be so curious to hear from audience members of today’s opera performance. I found it slow and sluggish, but I wonder if that’s only because that’s how I’m feeling. Some colleagues and I were talking about this; sometimes our moods strongly affect how we perceive a performance. Anyone out there attend the show?


  1. Sorry I haven’t gotten here until now – I didn’t want to be distracted
    by your pit’s-eye view while preparing to write my own review – but
    bearing in mind that I had no other perfomances of this production to
    compare it with, I think I picked up some of what you were saying about
    Sunday.  The orchestra sounded fine once it got warmed up, and the
    performance did not drag but it seemed rather more sober than what I’d
    expect.  The biggest problem I heard was a disconnect between the
    orchestra and some of the singers in the big arias.  I also
    thought the stage direction was terrible, but only made an allusion to
    that.  Unless you mean something in the same two arias, I didn’t
    notice the big flub, but I’m not that deeply familiar with the
    work.  I was a little surprised by Scheinin’s rave, though: I
    mean, I thought it was a pretty good production, but not that good.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m glad you don’t read this when you know you’ll be reviewing. It would be a bad idea to check this out first, even if one is absolutely certain he or she wouldn’t be influenced in the least. At least that’s what I believe.

    I wish you could have attended last night’s performance. It was an entirely new, fresh, invigorating, wonderful opera! The orchestra was nearly giddy. The singers added some special pizzazz, feeding off of what they were receiving. Ah well. It’s not really up to us when it comes to sluggishness. If we are out of tune, miss notes, or play unmusically … well … that’s definitely our fault! But we can’t change certain things, and Sunday was simply the worst performance we’d had of the Barber.

    I’m really surprised no one mentioned the big flub. But I’m glad for the performer’s sake. And no, I’ll never tell …! 😉