I just ran across a facebook site that made me laugh. Really. You can only see the page if you belong to facebook, but I’ll share the front page blurb with you:

Name: Musicians against oboists who talk about reeds all the time!
Description: Do you ever try to have a nice conversation with an oboist and they redirect the subject to reeds. If you just don’t care about making american-style, long-scraped oboe reeds, or crap about cane selection, then join the club…

Hah! Very funny.

The site itself has nothing to offer. But that blurb was worth the read. (Not reed.) At least for me.

On A More Serious Note:
Is there really NO ONE OUT THERE who wants to make emusic.com suggestions for me? Gee. I’m feeling neglected. Sad. Unimportant. Crushed.

But never mind about me.


  1. Hi Patty–I can’t browse through their music without joining or signing up for a free trial. Free is good, but then they have all your contact info. But I do have a couple of suggestions. Not classical music though. Check to see if they have any Blossom Dearie. She’s one of my favourite jazz singers of the 60s–not many people have heard about her. My favourite tunes: Once Upon a Summertime, Fly me to the moon, L’Etang–all very mellow (and I need mellow these days). Also look for Eva Cassidy; she died very young (30 years old, I think?) of  cancer only a few years ago. She’s got that soulful earthy/folky jazz sound. I love everything she did.

    My 2 cents.


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Thanks, Jillian,

    I didn’t realize you couldn’t browse emusic without signing up. Geez. That’s a drag. I’ve found emusic a treasure trove, though, and I’ll continue with my membership. I love it!

    I’ll be sure and chck out Dearie. I know about Cassidy already.

    I’ll keep hoping others come up with names and works. We’ll see.

    Emusic has the soundtrack to The Squid and the Whale which includes something by Dearie, and then they have a jazz recording: Jazz In Paris: The Pianist: Les Blue Stars … which includes Dearie as well as Michel Legrand. Know anything about that?

    No Eva Cassidy, aside from Karaoke. Really, honest and true … Karaoke. Sigh.