I got to the theatre on the early side, thinking I’d warm up. Now when I write warm up I don’t mean warming up my body, as I’m sure you know. But getting into the pit I checked my handy dandy thermometer.

It was 63 degrees. Yikes!

I won’t even get my oboe out of its case when it’s that cold.

I turned on the space heaters the opera company has provided for us (they are somewhat of a joke, but I guess they are better than nothing), and sat. And sat. FInally we reached 65, so I pulled out the oboe and warmed up a bit. The temperature managed to get to 69 when we were tuning.

The overture was wonderful! The tempi were fabulous, and I have to say it was the best I think we’ve played it.

Then the curtain came up.

(Insert all sorts of screaming here if you’d like.)

The temperature immediately started to drop. It finally landed at 66.4. Warm enough that we’ll still play, but cold enough that we were pretty darn cold. It went back and forth between that and 66.9 … big diff, you know? … and I was pretty darn ticked.

Still, the first half flew by due to some quicker, wonderful lively tempi.

Second act? COLD COLD COLD. I wore my fleece jacket, turning the collar inward so it looked as if I was completely in black. If this temperature thing continues to be a problem I’m really tempted to suggest that the opera provide a plastic oboe for me. I really don’t want to deal with cracking oboe issues.

The best part of tonight was getting into my car and blasting the heat. The second best thing? Great tempi! That can really change the way things feel. And the cast did some rather fun things too … making us pit folk laugh out loud. That was fun. Even while we were frozen in the pit.


  1. We LOVED the tempi last night.  It was so much more fun to sing, especially late into the run.  I could tell that the principals (particularly Scott) were enjoying themselves too.  I hope that when Michael comes back on Sunday that he’ll pick up the pace as well.

    It was cold on stage last night, and especially in the wings.  I was waiting to enter for the storm scene, when I wear shirt, vest, coat, and cloak (not to mention wig and hat), and I was still freezing.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    It WAS a blast, wasn’t it! Both a blast musically and an ICY blast. Sigh.

    I remember hearing a guy who managed a large hall talk about heating once. He said that the heat needed to be turned on the day BEFORE a performance because of how long such a large space takes to heat up. I guess the folks at the California don’t realize that. Or something.

    I am looking forward to another lively show tomorrow night! 🙂

    I suppose it’s appropriate that you were freezing during the storm scene. But still …!?

    No hat tricks last night, eh? 😉

  3. No tricks, but I can’t seem to keep the darn thing on.  It fell off as I ran offstage at the end of scene 1.  And my soldier hat in the Act I finale fell off too, although I managed to catch it.  I don’t know what it is with me and hats in this show, but I’m not having good luck.

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Heh. Maybe you just want a challenge?!

    Hats off to you, anyway! 🙂