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James Reel says the trombone story is apocryphal.

But … but … but … I’m married to a trombonist. Or at least he used to play. (Dan, is that trombone getting dusty by any chance?!) And I just think this story is so wonderful. So I prefer to believe it.

But heck, I also believe I can fly. And breathe underwater.

At least until I wake up fully.

Yes, I’m gullible. As I’ve told readers before, when my mom said, “Did you know the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary?” I quickly went to get my handy dandy dictionary out to prove her wrong.

Aw Nuts
Two rehearsals down. Now it’s on to performances. I’m struggling a bit with my English horn … I’m not sure if it’s reeds or the horn itself, but something isn’t happy, which makes me annoyed. I also get weary of some of the changes we have in our particular show; playing the English horn solo in the Arabian dance twice rather than the Tchaikovsky written once isn’t my cup ‘o tea. Playing a bit of Capriccio Italien and all of the Polonaise from Eugene Onegin also doesn’t exactly thrill me. And tempi? Well, let’s just say we aren’t exactly racing to the finish line.

But … that being said … I have to say that I’ve had family and friends attend this particular Nutcracker and most seem to love it. I’ve been told it’s quite beautiful.

So the show isn’t for me. It’s for others. And I do remind myself of that on occasion.

It’s also a bit of a challenge for whoever plays my position. My part is a combined part—I play both second oboe and English horn. Because of the changes (both additional pieces and lots of reorganization) I can’t use my hand-written combined book I put together years ago. So I have two stands, and two books, and the parts have colored arrows that point to where I need to be. (I don’t need these arrows any more, but if a sub comes in I thought it best to have everything clearly labeled.) It’s a bit of crazy making, but it does keep the boredom away!

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