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It seems to me that the oboe is often used when someone is referring to a musical instrument in a newspaper article. Is it because it’s such a lovely word? Or because the instrument has been considered rare and journalists like showing off that they know what it is? Or just what is it? Anyway, I think it’s goofy.

But in case you are wondering about sperm count (yes, you read that correctly!) read on:

It used to be that the only health risk you assumed in using a cell phone was getting poked in the ribs for accepting a call during your kid’s oboe recital. But now we learn that if you use your cell too often, you might not get a chance to have a kid in the first place. Which, other than saving you from having to attend oboe recitals, would be a bad thing.

According to a study presented at a recent meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine ? motto: “We Put the ‘You’ in Urology” ? heavy cell phone use may decrease a man’s sperm count.

News you might use. Or not.

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