Via Scott I see the Talking Trombone Teaching Doll.

Very funny.

But you see, there’s this big problem: Trombonists can’t speak in complete sentences.

So clearly this is all a farce.



  1. So there’s another big problem: Trombonists can’t type, can they? I thought they grunted and pointed.

    Truly a farce.

  2.     Ouch! Ah… there’s no other American past-time I enjoy more than ole “bash the low brassers”, eh? I’m sure your husband must have a blast with you. I’m going to be in CA around early February. Can I drop by?  

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    Hi Cooper! Yeah … my husband knows and puts up with my silly sense of humor. 🙂

    I’d love to see you in February!

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Hah! Funny you. 🙂