29. December 2006 · Comments Off on Lorraine Hunt Lieberson & More · Categories: imported, Ramble

There’s a touching article about Lorraine Lieberson that’s well worth the read. (I might argue that she began her career even earlier, and was first known as a violist in San Jose, but oh well. I suspect it’s just because I want to lay some sort of claim on this incredible individual who carried with her the richest, warmest, loveliest voice I’ve ever heard.)

In addition, you’ll read Justin Davidson’s Top 10 (performances) for 2006. He doesn’t include the Lieberson concert, but maybe that’s due to the huge write up prior to his list …? Dunno.

I’m busily (well, sort of) looking at lots of 2006 Top 10 lists these days. So many movies, so much music, so many books … most of which I’ve not heard, seen or read.

Maybe I should have my Top 10 Reeds of 2006?

If I even had 10. Kind of doubtful.

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