30. December 2006 · Comments Off on In The Good Old Summer Time · Categories: imported, Ramble

Great gaping summer gap: A near-total lack of professionally performed classical music in St. Louis in July and August.

St. Louis isn’t the only city that lets all classical music die in the summer. I rarely work for a nearly 3 month period. It’s frustrating, but there you go. It reminds me of church, really; when summer starts Sunday classes are dropped. I guess God and Mozart both go on vacation in the summer, you know?

Frightening trend: “Virtual orchestras” that replace real musicians playing real instruments. It may be cheaper, but it’s not better.

THANK YOU, Sarah Bryan Miller, for including that in your classical music highlights 2006. It is greatly appreciated, and very true. But will audiences care? I wonder.

I’m really enjoying all the 2006 lists I’m finding out there. Maybe I should even post a list of them for readers. We’ll see.

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