Jason Heath has a link to a story by a music librarian. (Warning: language in the second link.)

I can most certainly relate!

I was a music librarian for San Jose Symphony (RIP). I even punished myself by taking the job for a second bout some hears after the first mistake gig. I do have stories. Many, many stories. And not just about conductors. BUT … just one story for today, and it is a conductor story:

We were doing a pops style concert, which usually means a LOT of music. We had already had our rehearsals and we were now at the venue (a shopping mall, believe it or not) for the performance. The (guest … so no guessing!) conductor asked me for the scores. I was rather shocked. “You have the scores,” I said. He flatly denied this. He was pretty darn angry. I was freaked—I usually order double scores, but for something like this? Not always. What to do, what to do?! Well … a bit of time later the conductor comes back to me and says that he just happens to have all the necessary scores in the trunk of his car.

What a miracle, eh?

He never appologized. And yet he didn’t ever demand “his” scores back. Go figure. Guess those amazing miracle scores must have been the ones I had “forgotten”.

Ya think?

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  1. What a Jerk… The summer I was helping out Cabrillo, I was in charge of a lot of librarian stuff, and Eddie Daniels was guest performing with the orchestra. He threw a fit because the symphony vetoed him when he gave a list of seven encores that he wanted us to rush-order for rental. The limited-budget Festival decided that the budget couldn’t cover more than three.

    That year I also walked into the instrument case storage closet to find him and his twenty-something (I assumed daughter) barbie doll getting him “revv’ed up” for the concert. Go figure.