I’ve talked before about oboes sounding different—different players make for different sounds Different countries often have “their” sound as well. So here are a few clips for you to peruse. If you can’t hear a difference … well … you should! You’ll also see that players hold the oboe at different angles (I like mine to be less up and out than a lot of oboists I guess).

Fumiaki Miyamoto

Yeon-Hee Kwak (Gabriel’s Oboe by Ennio Morricone)

Unknown Oboist playing Gabriel’s Oboe … you have to wait for it, as it begins with Yo-Yo Ma

Mariusz Pedzialek (or so someone wrote), playing Penderecki’s Cappriccio for oboe and orchestra

Mozart’s Oboe Concerto … snipped … (Very funny video, too; the beginning is hysterical!)

Dang Phu Vinh—just a snippet of what used to be called the Haydn Oboe Concerto

Junko Tsugami, playing Oraison et Jeux sous un rai lumineux by Hiroshi Hoshina

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Love where they put the oboist!)

Um … no comment! Really. But you can comment if you’d like. 😉

And we’ll end with a woodwind trio: Super Mario Brothers

WAIT … I take it back! We’ll end with THIS because it includes a former oboe student of mine. What a joy to find this on YouTube! (And yay, Caitlyn!)


  1. Wow, that Japanese dude has “in-tune” high notes. Rarely hear that with
    German style. I wonder if I’d win more auditions if I did the gyrating
    hip movement. Maybe that’s the key to his artistry. Or maybe it’s blinding Golden keys.

    Why do you think he needs to open his mouth so widely to breath?

    FYI, Yeonhee Kwak is one of the bigger oboe names over here in Korea.

    Meanwhile, the other Japanese dude, that’s a clip from a Japanese soap opera just so you know. I love the quote at the bottom. “Um… yeah… and by ‘yeah’ I mean don’t ever do it again.”

    Why is the Haydn no longer called the Haydn? I didn’t hear about this.

    Hey Patty, maybe you’d win more auditions if you wore dresses and danced like the Rythem and Smooch folk! I particularly think the angled stance of the flautest would work well for you!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    In order …

    Hip movement probably won’t help … considering behind-the-screen auditions. But give it a go!

    Opening a mouth widely to breathe is just what some folks do, I guess.

    Thanks for the info about Yeonhee Kwak, as I’d not heard that name before. (Isn’t YouTube handy?!)

    Hah! Didn’t know that was from a soap opera. Too funny!

    It is thought that Haydn didn’t write that work. I think there are articles about it … probably in the IDRS journals if nowhere else.

    As to Rhythm and Smooch … YIKES! I not only won’t dance like that, but I can’t wear sequins. And NOT black? Forget it! I like my black. But they sure made me laugh. 😎

    I’ll have to remember to do more searches like that one and find more entertaining videos. Believe me, though — there are a LOT of bad oboists out there. Ouch. I heard ’em.