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“As a former professional ballerina and current owner of my own dance studio, I cannot believe how you can speak with such a lack of knowledge. How do you dare to even write about an art form you obviously know nothing about????”

This is the response the reviewer Marc Shulgold received when he “dissed” (minimally, from what I can tell) The Nutcracker.

I only want to ask this dancer why she’s using four question marks. 😉

The article is interesting, asking the question, “What level of experience and expertise does it take to report intelligently on dance and classical music?”

I’ve often wondered that myself. I’ve read reviews that have made me wonder just what the heck the reviewer knows … or if he or she was at the same performance I attended. I’ve also read reviews that made it clear the reviewer didn’t attend part of all of the performance (bad idea, folks). And I’ve read some where I feel as if the reviewer nailed it … merely because he or she agreed with little old me. Go figure.

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