I’m not in to a lot of the reality shows stuff, although I will confess I did get into Project Runway and Top Chef (I’ve missed the last few shows, though). Hmmm. Are you ashamed to read this blog now that you know about me? Huh?

But I sure wish Bathroom Divas was available here.


C’mon Bravo TV … can’t you give the US of A a bit ‘o class? Huh?

I guess I have to move to Canada … their Bravo is better than our our Bravo. So BOO to our Bravo and Bravo to Canada’s.



  1. Have you seen Nanny 911? That’s a real eye opener. It’s about parents who don’t know jack about parenting and so they need to call in a Nanny to tell them how dysfunctional they are and how stupid they are with their children. The last show there was this mother with a 2 year old daughter and an infant, and she had a wild pig running around pooping all over the place INSIDE THE HOUSE as a pet! The kid was drinking out of the pig water and eating the pig food. The baby was playing with the pig feces, and the mother fought the nanny over the issue as to “Whether or not we should keep the wild pig outside in a pen.” Some people should be “fixed” at birth so they can’t procreate and pass on their dumbness…  

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    No, I’ve not seen it, and from what you describe I have a feeling I’d only get annoyed watching it! Sounds pretty disgusting.