Yes. I got them. I thought I’d at least let readers know that much. I got that first passage in the second movement of the Dvorak. Whew! But what does this mean to anyone, really? What does that mean to the audience?

It means you wouldn’t have noticed me at all!

Yep. That’s how it goes. Had I missed an attack, had I had a note go up the octave, had I bombed on part of it, everyone (well, okay, not everyone—I’m always amazed at what some folks don’t hear!) would have squirmed or wondered who the heck just blew it. But doing it right means not being noticed. Not really.

This is often the life of the second oboe player; if you are doing the job right, you are rarely noticed at all.

I’m not going to comment on the concert itself yet. I’ll save that until Monday I think. If I comment at all.

So now I have a day off of the symphony, but I do have work; three students to teach, scattered throughout the day. But tonight is free and I’m wondering if I should finally pull out one of the movies I have sitting here, just waiting to be watched. We’ll see. (Or not see, should I choose not to watch. 😉


  1. I love symphony 7. I think its so much more refined than the New World. I’m playing that right now. I’d rather pop pimples with a spoon.   

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yeah, the 7th is great. I do love the English horn solo of NW, though. Just lovely stuff.

    I was listening to the 8th today; I really love that as well.