24. January 2007 · Comments Off on Zauberflöte · Categories: imported, Ramble

… or I guess I should call it The Magic Flute, considering ….

I had forgotten that the Met broadcast would be on at 10:00 PM, and I tuned in about 8 minutes into it. Rats. I would have recorded it tonight, but too late now.

Still … I’m sorry to hear it in English. I miss the German. I like the sound of German. Is that silly? Maybe so. But there you go. (I do understand why it might be done in the language of “the people”, and we do speak English around here, but still I really miss the sounds of German. And who can understand all the words as they are sung anyway?)

Ahhh … hearing some lovely music; it’s one of my favorite little moments. (Gee, and there’s no oboe. How odd.)

Anyway, I’ve just set my DVD recorder for Sunday’s 12:00 PM broadcast.

Opera San José, as I mentioned earlier, will be doing this next year. Again. (We’ve done it a number of times, but who would ever grow weary of Mozart?) As I’m listening now I’m reminded of what fun it can be to play. It’s still not my favorite Mozart but, believe me, I’m quite happy to play it!

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