Even with only four fingers per paw he does fairly well. But do you notice how snooty even cartoon characters are when they play classical music? It’s simply unavoidable. 😉

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MD: As an Apple person, you must have an iPod. What do you have on it?

TH: I have every iPod that’s been made — that’s how sick I am. I carry anything and everything I possibly would want to listen to. I have a lot of jazz. I adore Ralph Towner, Leo Kottke. I’ve always been a big Oscar Peterson fan. I’ve branched out a little bit more in rock-and-roll, but that’s maybe because I’m 50 years old and I can now listen to Steely Dan again without shame. I adore the Grateful Dead. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. All that’s been fun to get back into. But I’m no longer interested in the Doobie Brothers.

You can read the whole interview here.

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… mind you, not in a physical way … but if I wanted to get more hits here at this little site, I guess I should have blogged about Nathan Gunn last night. It sounds as if it worked for one blogger.

But then … of course I’d never check my stats and see how many hits I get. No sirree. Not I.

Actually I do figure I’ll blog more on The Magic Flute after I watch the whole thing. My initial response to the portion I watched was that Gunn steals the show, though. Maybe that’s just a Papageno thing. Maybe not.

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I’ve things to do here, so I’m not going to get up to San Francisco tonight, but Robert Gable’s blog entry took me to a group called Formerly Known as Classical, which took me to their program page. I’m impressed with their name, their youth (all teenagers), and the title of their upcoming concert, My Father Knew Olivier Messiaen. Clever!

Don’t know why the title is clever? Go here.