Gentlemen are kindly requested to wear evening dress for premieres. Gentlemen are in any case required to wear a jacket and tie at all performances. Items of clothing which do not comply with a proper theatre decorum shall not be accepted.

La Scala has decided to tell the men what to wear.

We women are off the hook.



  1. Darlene Marshall

    for some reason, every public dress code I’ve ever seen (ie, not in the workplace or at school) only addresses what men are supposed to wear.  I think the implication is that somehow women just know what is appropriate and so we don’t have to be told!    😉

    I also think maybe there’s way more variation in what women can wear vs men.  Just look at a typical office…… the men all look pretty much the same, except for the color of their shirts and their ties.  They practically wear uniforms!  Then look at the women.  You will see slacks, skirts, dresses, sweaters, shirts, camisoles, jackets, heels, flats, pumps, and God knows what else— all perfectly appropriate for the office.  It’s easy to tell a guy to wear a tuxedo; not so easy to dictate what his date should wear…..

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Well, I must admit that I think the women of the groups I play in often look a lot less dressed up than the men, so perhaps some women DO need to be told what to wear! Some ARE dressed up, but look like they are dressed up to work nights in a different way than they are working them. Sigh.

    I’m not for dress codes for audience members, though. I say “be comfortable”. Within reason, of course. Having worn a tie before (for fun) I know they are NOT comfortable! (I do love the way they look, though.)