Where are the young listeners, including the music students around the corner at San Jose State University?

No kidding!

Richard Scheinin asks a very good question in his article.

If you are a music student, do you attend concerts? You should. I even wonder how many of my own oboe students have ever heard a professional oboist (aside form hearing me in lessons).

If you think you want to be a performer, do attend some concerts! Please. Opera San José has an amazing student rush price if you get there an hour prior to the performance. A number of other groups offer student discounts as well. Le Petit Trianon (the location of the review linked above) is a great place to go; the hall is small and intimate and every seat is great.

They could just look both ways. But noooo, pedestrians have been killed because of those pesky iPods. So New York is talking about outlawing them when crossing the street.

Now I’ve seen some people who can’t breathe and cross a street safely at the same time.

Maybe it’s just the particular individuals, and not the iPod? Ya think?

Or maybe I’m just an insensitive and foolish oboe player.

Or maybe it’s both.

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To give an audience too much music is criminally mistaken kindness and real irreverence to the composer.

-Artur Bodanzky