I’m not sure what I think about this first one. The work is so incredible so I cringe a bit. At the same time, it certainly works in its own special way.

  • Mozart and Nike
  • Bach & Peter Ustinov
  • Classical Music & Cockney
  • Concerto For Turntable
  • And this just brings back a lot of memories. What a gas. (Sorry!)
  • The fun never ends.

  • And while this isn’t classical, it’s Spike Jones and he makes me laugh.
  • So there.


    1. Darlene Marshall

      I loved Classical Gas.  I remember when that song first hit the air; I was in 2nd grade.  Cars had no FM radios then (at least ours didn’t); I hated going under a bridge or through a tunnel when a song I liked was on— I’d miss it!  Other favorites were Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay and  San Fransisco……ah, nostalgia.  And what a huge part of our memories is triggered by music!

    2. The Cockney/Classical skit is hilarious!

      You have the same link for Classical Gas/Concerto for Turntable (I think).

      Thanks for the first-thing-in-the-morning laughs!