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I love anything Cival War period,music was lovely then.

I read this quote at a site with reviews of CDs. This was for the soundtrack to Cold Mountain. I just had to post it … couldn’t help myself.

Moving on …

And now I have three to go. Three Camelot shows, that is. Of course today was “the day”. It’s just inevitable that I have one of these when things are going well. Sigh. Shall I share my stupidity with you all? Sure, why not? I’m willing to admit I do stupid things! As I was doing something with my music I managed to brush against Reed #1. It didn’t crack, but it certainly is changed. It could just be in my head. It could also be the change in weather. (I sort of doubt it though.) This is so par for the course, though. One should never be too comfortable about reeds … they are bound to rebel, crack, or otherwise misbehave.

I usually play two different oboe reeds per show. I’m trying to save the best for the tough stuff (not that anything is horribly difficult). Today it was a four reed afternoon, and I think I’ll do the same again tonight. That’s just life. I have to break in some reeds for Traviata since I jump into that pit this Tuesday night.

I’ve really enjoyed the show. It’s not terribly difficult. It’s not terribly exciting (in the pit, that is). And last night and this afternoon they decided that the air conditioner needed to be turned on full blast. (Yes, in February! Yes, I had water problems.) But I enjoy the music, and I enjoy hearing the actors. I know the show fairly well, having done it twice before, so any time they deviate from what I know I just smile. (I can’t even imagine learning all those lines, but of course Jameson is doing The Tempest right now and he manages pretty darn well.) There are a few things that puzzle me … I think I mentioned that, “Oh the insensitivity of sensitive men” has been changed to, “Oh the sensitivity of senstive men” and that confuses me. (Yeah, I’m easily confused.) And I can’t for the life of me figure out who Lancelot finds his pitch for the start of If Ever I Would Leave You. I try each time to “guess the note” and I can’t get it! I only have three more chances to get it right.

If I do get it right I think I’ll sing out loud and strong along with Lancelot. I don’t think he’d mind. … Right?

Thanks to Waterfall I found out that I had a bad link in my video entry. Concerto For Turntable has now been fixed.

I finally watched the video. The piece sounds somewhat like marching band music to me. (And the orchestra is somewhat out of tune, too. Hmmm. Can you be somewhat out of tune?)

The DJ says it’s like a “slap in the face” to the orchestra … and that they love it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really enjoyed a slap in the face!

So what do I actually think about doing this? Heck, if it works, I’m all for it. I couldn’t really tell about the quality of that particular work, though, and the group sounds like it is perhaps a youth orchestra or college group, so I had difficulty getting past the slightly less than stellar playing. But shoot, I’m willing to try nearly anything, and even being ancient I’m fine with the whole turntable thing.

In Other News
Lego Camelot.