Thanks to Waterfall I found out that I had a bad link in my video entry. Concerto For Turntable has now been fixed.

I finally watched the video. The piece sounds somewhat like marching band music to me. (And the orchestra is somewhat out of tune, too. Hmmm. Can you be somewhat out of tune?)

The DJ says it’s like a “slap in the face” to the orchestra … and that they love it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really enjoyed a slap in the face!

So what do I actually think about doing this? Heck, if it works, I’m all for it. I couldn’t really tell about the quality of that particular work, though, and the group sounds like it is perhaps a youth orchestra or college group, so I had difficulty getting past the slightly less than stellar playing. But shoot, I’m willing to try nearly anything, and even being ancient I’m fine with the whole turntable thing.

In Other News
Lego Camelot.


  1. Now that was FUN!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    So maybe you’d like a Lego set? 🙂