As I was driving home from my morning of errands, I heard a news segment that said napping is GOOD for us! Woo hoo! 30 minutes. I can do that. I do do that.

I’ve always felt a tad guilty about my naps. Now I can say I’m doing it for my health.

What great news!

I do not, however, sleep on the job, as the article might suggest. Nope. Can’t do that. It’s rather impossible to play an instrument and sleep at the same time. Really.


  1. Speaking of listening to the news…I just heard the new commercial for Subway Baja sandwiches (or something) and they play this happy music for the cool people eating Baja food, but for the poor guy who brought leftovers (fiscally prudent) there is an oboe solo…Guess we epitomize slow boring food?

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Well, we certainly play whenever someone is sad! We are good being sad. We are happy being sad.

    Go figure.